Are you missing vital information to get you started?

Here's where you can find the things you wish you knew.

You might be here because you've written a story, but don't know what to do next.

How can I make the illustrations? How do I publish it? Where do I start?

​Does this sound familiar? Do you feel like you're missing a few links and crucial bits of information?

​Perhaps you've nailed the writing, and had some ideas about the illustration, but the thing that's holding you back is a lack of knowledge about how to get your pictures out of your head and onto the page. Or maybe you don't feel confident about getting your message across in a visual way.

You haven't done this before - how does publishing work?

If you've got the passion and feel you have an important message to share - or if you just have a darn good story, you just need to arm yourself with some information and have the confidence to take the first step.

​You will get the exact formula that I use in MAKE A PICTURE BOOK step by step.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Come on, I'll hold your hand! ​
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Course curriculum

  • 2

    MODULE 1 - key decisions

    • Module overview
    • Key decisions: making your best book choices
    • Developing an idea
    • I literally have no ideas!
    • Creative Writing Prompt
    • Story Maker Cube
    • Character profile
    • Useful links
    • MODULE 1 - bonus checklist
  • 3

    MODULE 2 - pacing and making a dummy book

    • Module overview
    • Pacing your story in layouts
    • Story Shape Checklist
    • MODULE 2 - Copyright example
    • MODULE 2 - example pages layout
    • What if I want to make a longer book?
    • Character Profile
    • Reading Age Groups
  • 4

    MODULE 3 - illustration layouts

    • Module overview
    • The Illustration Layouts
    • MODULE 3 - checklist
    • Masterclass - tonal backgrounds
  • 5

    MODULE 4 - drawing people and settings

    • Module overview
    • Drawing people
    • Drawing buildings
    • Drawing trees and flowers
  • 6

    MODULE 5 - drawing other characters

    • Module overview
    • Drawing dogs
    • Drawing cats
    • Drawing horses
    • How to draw a Unicorn
    • BONUS dragon and dinos
    • MODULE 5 woodland animals and birds
    • Mixed-media masterclass
  • 7

    MODULE 6 - front and back covers

    • Module overview
    • What's with the cover?
    • Coming up with a good title
    • Useful info and links
  • 8

    MODULE 7 - getting to grips with the tech

    • Module overview
    • Scanning and saving your files, ready for print or e-books
    • Uploading to KDP and AMAZON
    • Make an e-Book
    • Registering your new book title
    • Registering your new title - links
  • 9

    MODULE 8 - and finally...

    • ...and finally...
    • Course checklist
    • Useful Links
    • Three questions about your journey
    • Children's Book Creators Facebook Group

Goodbye Guesswork, Hello Creativity!

If you've had some ideas about the look of your book, I can help you make some key decisions.

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Jules Marriner

Jules Marriner


Jules Marriner

Born in the UK, Jules escaped the excitement of a gap year making Brussels Sprout smoothies in Sydney to start a degree in Plymouth. She studied Graphic Design and Book Illustration, then moved to London to become a bona fide illustrator.

In 2012 her first book, Vincent and the Vampires was published and since then little has held her back. She has indie published eleven other books and has a least 77 others buzzing around her brain like an enthusiastic bumblebee.

She now works from a hobbit hole at the bottom of her wild garden, and shares her life with her family and dogs, some of whom laugh at her jokes appropriately.